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Rephile Direct Pure Genie

Lab water systems provide high purity water

Rephile Direct Pure Genie

Rephile’s Direct-Pure EDI (Electrodeionization) lab water system produces Type II water directly from tap water.  Type II pure water can be used in many areas and typical applications are the preparation of culture media and preparation of solutions for chemical analyses.


Consistently high quality water

The Direct-Pure EDI system incorporates an Ion-Pure EDI module and stringently selected RO membrane to consistently deliver high quality Type II water at a relatively low cost.  Resistivity of the product water is above 5 MΩ·cm at 25 ℃, which meets or exceeds Type II water quality as defined by ASTM, CAP, CLSI and ISO 3696 / BS 3997, and also complies with the Purified Water requirements from the European and U.S. Pharmacopoeia.


Fully automated

Direct-Pure EDI is a fully automated system which contains pre-rinse, a RO membrane fouling to prevent flush, RO membrane life monitoring, as well as many other quality control programs for convenient operation.  The pre-filtration system removes most particles, chlorine and organic compounds, providing complete protection of the RO membrane and EDI module.


Easy maintenance

The pre-rinsing program starts automatically when a new RO membrane is installed so there is no need for users to set up additional cleaning procedures. The system is equipped with a 30-litre PE tank (upgradable to a 60-litre), a liquid level sensor and a tank vent filter with carbon dioxide scavenger to prevent air-borne contamination of the EDI water.


Flexible & easy-to-use

The water dispenser handle is 360 degree-rotatable and detachable from its support for effortless and instant dispensing with maximum flexibility.  Volumetric dispensing and calibration can be easily set up on the dispenser. Electrical and water compartments are completely separated ensuring safe operation.  Full document support is available to meet users’ GMP, GLP, FDA and other certification.