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What Natsep (National Separations) offer

NatSep, short for National Separations, is a prominent hub for scientific equipment and laboratory supplies in South Africa. Home to a diverse range of renowned brands, NatSep offers cutting-edge solutions for researchers, scientists, and laboratories across various disciplines. Here you can navigate some of the top brands that make NatSep a one-stop destination for quality scientific equipment and supplies.


  1. Amazon Filters: Amazon Filters specializes in providing high-performance filtration products, catering to various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and healthcare.

  2. Avantor: Avantor offers a wide array of products and services, focusing on life sciences and advanced technology research, making them a valuable partner for scientific endeavors.

  3. Charles River: Charles River is a leading provider of research models and associated services, supporting critical research in the life sciences.

  4. CHM Lab: CHM Lab is known for its laboratory furniture and fume hoods, ensuring safe and efficient laboratory environments.

  5. Colder Products Company (CPC): CPC specializes in quick disconnect couplings and fittings, vital components in fluid management systems for laboratories.

  6. Hahnemühle: Hahnemühle is a trusted brand in the field of fine art and laboratory papers, offering premium quality paper for a variety of scientific applications.

  7. Hygiena: Hygiena provides innovative solutions for microbial detection and monitoring, supporting food safety and healthcare industries.

  8. Interscience: Interscience delivers equipment for microbiological analysis, including sample preparation and enumeration systems.

  9. Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions: Lighthouse offers comprehensive solutions for cleanroom monitoring and particle counting, critical for industries like pharmaceuticals and electronics.

  10. Mabtech: Mabtech specializes in immunology and offers high-quality antibodies and kits for researchers studying immune responses.

  11. Rainin: Rainin is renowned for its precision pipettes, essential tools for accurate liquid handling in laboratories.

  12. RephiLe: RephiLe manufactures water purification systems that provide ultrapure water for laboratory applications.

  13. Saint Gobain Plastics: Saint Gobain Plastics offers a wide range of high-performance plastics for laboratory equipment and supplies.

  14. Sartorius: Sartorius is a global leader in laboratory and process technologies, providing a broad portfolio of products for research and bioprocessing.

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