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Microbiological analysis

Facilitate your microbiological testing procedures. A wide selection of hardware and consumables perfectly tailored to meet your specific requirements.
Products consist of agar media for the preparation of tissue culture media and nutrient pad sets to ensure microbial enumeration. Ideal for use in research and life science applications to quantify microorganisms in liquid samples.


Applications: Food and Beverage, Microbiological Testing, Quality Control, Microbial Testing, Nutrient Pads, Agar Media


The microbial testing products assist with the identification of viable micro-organisms at every stage of the production process, to ensure product safety, purity and efficacy.  

Nutrient Pads 

Microbial testing and quality control procedures are made simple with nutrient pad sets containing sterile, dehydrated culture media to ensure optimal microorganism growth. Simply moisten with 3.0-3.5ml sterile or demineralised (pure) water and they are ready to use.  

Agar Media 

Agar is a gelatine-like substance made from red seaweed, used as an ideal growth medium to culture micro-organisms in a variety of samples including food, water and pharmaceutical products. There is a range of agar media products for various types of microbial testing.  

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