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Enzyme detection to ensure efficiency, quality and safety

Simple and rapid food quality and safety tests based on enzyme detection. Tests include Alkaline Phosphatase tests to verify milk pasteurization efficiency in milk and milk-based products; verify thermal-process foods and raw meat residue on surfaces, and to determine total polar compounds in frying oil to ensure integrity.


Applications: Food Safety, Water Safety, ZymoSnap, Water Test, Glucose Surface Test, Lactose Surface Test, ALP Test


Enzyme and efficiency tests consist of various food and water safety testing devices. Rapid tests for food quality and safety include enzyme tests to confirm milk pasteurisation (alkaline phosphatase), detect meat residues in thermally-processed foods (acid phosphatase), and to measure total polar compounds in frying oil.  Tests also include identifying glucose and lactose residues on surfaces, as well as detecting harmful nitrates in water. 

ZymoSnap ALP is a rapid test device that measures alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity in milk and milk based products. High ALP enzyme levels can indicate ineffective pasteurisation. 

The ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit consists of 5 vials containing 350mU/L, the maximum level of ALP allowed in pasteurised milk. The positive control confirms the ZymoSnap ALP pasteurisation test and determines the fail RLU level.  

SpotCheckPlus is an all-in-one device that easily detects the presence of glucose or lactose on surfaces by showing a colour change within 60 seconds.  

5-in-1 Water Test is a rapid test for the semi-quantification of 5 parameters in drinking water and water based products: nitrates, nitrites, total hardness, free chlorine and pH level.  

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