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Target allergens in various formats
Hygiena offers highly specific and sensitive assays for the major food allergens, including lateral flow tests, general protein tests, ELISA and real-time PCR tests.


Applications: Food Safety, Allergen Detection, PCR Assays, Lateral Flow Tests, ELISA
Allergen Detection


Since food allergies and intolerances are on the rise, it is crucial to test for potential food allergens for the protection of the consumer. Advanced detection technologies are available such as Real-time PCR, ELISA, and Lateral Flow assays that identify and quantify food allergens, to ensure high standards of food safety. 

Real-time PCR assay methods, such as Foodproof®, detect allergen markers in food samples.  

Lateral Flow Tests, such as AlerTox® Sticks and GlutenTox® Sticks, trace allergen contamination in food, liquids and on surfaces for a variety of common allergens. 

Protein Residue Tests include AllerSnap®, a broad spectrum general protein detector, and Pro-Clean® for rapid on-site testing. 

ELISA is an enzyme-linked assay method that detects allergenic proteins in food products. 

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