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Verify cleanliness of surfaces
General Protein Tests provide a quick and easy way to verify the cleanliness of surfaces by detecting protein residues left behind after cleaning. Simply swab the area and activate the device.


Applications: Food Safety, Allergen Detection, Allergen Testing, General Protein Tests, AllerSnap, PRO-Clean, Surface Testing, Protein Residue Tests, Hygiene Monitoring


Quickly and accurately monitor surface hygiene and ensure product quality by screening for allergen protein residues that may still remain after cleaning.  

AllerSnap®  is a 30 minute, high sensitivity, broad-range protein test for working surfaces. It gives semi-quantitative colour changing results – the deeper the purple colour the greater the contamination. 

PRO-Clean® gives reliable, easy-to-interpret colour changes that indicate the presence of 10 μg to 80 μg protein residues within 10 minutes.  Suitable for use in food preparation, food service, fast food, and restaurants. 

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