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Real-Time PCR Tests
Specific real-time PCR solutions for the most common allergens. When used in combination with the Allergen RM 800 reference material, a precise quantification between 800 and 0.8 ppm can be achieved. PCR assays include the foodproof® detection kits for celery, gluten, hazelnut, peanut and soya testing.


Applications: Food Safety, Allergen Detection, Allergen Testing, PCR Assays, Peanut Detection, Soya Detection, foodproof Kits


Foodproof® kits are designed for rapid, reliable allergen detection in food samples using real-time PCR technology. Quantification is also possible, in combination with Allergen RM 800 reference material.  

Peanuts are responsible for approximately 20% of food allergies in children and adults. The foodproof® Peanut Detection Kit is ideal for accurate, convenient testing, even in low-level contamination samples. 

Soya is often referred to as a “hidden allergen” as soy protein has various forms and is found in many products. The foodproof® Soya Detection Kit enables fast, highly sensitive, DNA-based testing of food products.  

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