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Endo Nutrient Pad Sets

Endo Nutrient Pad Sets. Gridded MF, 0.45 µm high flow. Dehydrated pre-sterilized media pads in petri dishes. Membrane filters for microbiological quality control. Ready-to-use culture media. High quality and reproducible results up to 24 months.


Applications: Food and Beverage, Microbiological Testing, Quality Control, Microbial Testing
Simplify the QC of your beverages

Nutrient Pad Sets (NPS) are ideal for microbiological testing and quality control of beverages and water samples. Their application optimizes the process of colony counting through the membrane filter method.  Practical and easy-to-use, nutrient pad sets ensure efficient microbiological test procedures and simplify laboratory work.

Simple to use

Nutrient pad sets are provided in a dehydrated and sterile form. To activate them, one only needs to add 3.0 – 3.5 ml of sterile demineralized or distilled water. Once moistened, they are immediately ready for use, eliminating the need for complex preparation steps.

Consistent quality

These pad sets use dehydrated culture media on pre-sterilized filter pads, which are individually inserted into petri dishes. This ensures a consistently high quality of culture media and results that can be reproduced reliably. The shelf life of up to 24 months and the ability to store them at room temperature further contribute to their consistent performance.  These pad sets are fully validated.

Highly versatile

The 28 different nutrient pad set types are supplied with appropriately matched membrane filters which are pre-sterilized and individually packaged.   The membrane filters designed to meet the special requirements of microbial detection, are available with 47 mm or 50 mm diameters.

Safe and compliant

Nutrient pad set types adhere to various international regulations and recommendations, making them suitable for a wide range of microbiological analyses.  They meet the requirements of the European drinking water directive, international pharmacopoeias, DIN and ISO standards;  American Standards for Water and Foods, mineral water regulations, brewery guidelines (e.g. MEBAC or EBC); and recommendations of the food industry (e.g.  LMBG, NCA and ICUMSA, etc.).  This compliance ensures that the results obtained are accurate and in line with industry standards.

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