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METTLER TOLEDO’S Rainin Pipet-Lite XLS+ multichannel pipettes raise the bar on multichannel pipetting. Up to 35% lighter, they are easier to manoeuver and easy on your hands. Adjustable spacer models speed workflow when using different formats. The XLS+ multichannels offers superior channel-to-channel consistency, balanced lightweight design, with low ejection forces, using Rainin's LTS™ LiteTouch™ system.



With new liquid ends made of durable, lightweight materials and new mechanical designs, the XLS+ offers unique advantages over other multichannel. Reduced weight results in lighter pipetting forces, and reduced peak tip ejection forces make the XLS+ easy to use, even for the most strenuous tasks. The sealing system minimizes “piston stickiness,” providing greater control, particularly with applications that require slow, careful pipetting. Sophisticated mechanical designs ensure high performance and precision across all channels.

The patented LTS tip and nozzle design provides exceptionally easy multichannel tip mounting, without using nozzle o-rings. Perfect sealing (first time, every time) without rocking or hand-tightening, results in consistent sample pickup.

The XLS+ pipettes provide equal or better accuracy and precision compared to other leading manufacturers. The redesigned ergonomic handle rests perfectly in the hand reducing tiredness and compromised pipetting performance. The finger hook allows the hand to relax between pipetting cycles. The high-quality PVDF design reduces transfer of hand heat to the interior of the pipette and protects against accidental breakage.

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