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Insite listeria species test

Insite listeria species test

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Hygiena’s line of hygiene monitoring products are used extensively throughout the food and beverage processing industries to validate sanitation protocols, ensure HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) regulations are met, show due diligence to auditors, and quickly determine whether machines are clean enough to start processing food.


InSite Listeria is a quick and easy self-contained test for the detection of Listeria species in food processing environments.  The test contains a liquid media formulated with growth enhancers, antibiotics and chromogenic compounds specific to the growth of Listeria species.  Simply swab the test area and wait. A change in colour after 24-48 hours of incubation is considered presumptive positive. Results are easy to interpret – when Listeria species is present in a sample, the liquid media changes colour from amber to black.

InSite Listeria complements your lab testing with quick on-site screening results in just 24-48 hours. Eliminate the lengthy wait time for outside lab results and get ahead of contamination issues.

No expensive laboratory equipment is required and no additional sample handling is necessary.  This all-in-one test utilises a large foam sampler for maximum sample collection that eliminates the need for additional sponges, diluents, bags and pipettes. The only equipment needed is an incubator.

Hygiena’s rapid hygiene monitoring systems help improve food and beverage quality, increase shelf life by eliminating cross-contamination, reduce the risk of costly recalls, identify over-usage of cleaning chemicals, save time by providing immediate feedback so proactive steps can be taken, decrease the number of plate counts and traditional tests.

Insite listeria species test