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The range of Hahnemühle filter papers are manufactured from cotton linters, cellulose, glass and quartz fibre to meet the filtering requirements of various industrial sectors, as well as basic filtration, environmental control and microfiltration.


Hahnemühle filter papers offer superior quality and purity ensuring reliable and reproducible results in many analytical applications. The stringent manufacturing process, batch traceability from raw material to finished product, as well as standardised and individual test methods, guarantee the highest degree of quality control and compliance specifications.

Filter papers are available on smooth, creped, or grained surfaces.  Weight ranges are from 60g/m² to 800g/m².  Additional features such as colours or additives in the paper allow for specific applications.

The extensive product range includes general-use filter papers, qualitative (hardened and highly pure) quantitative (ashless and hardened ashless), technical filter papers, glass microfibre filters, quartz microfibre, thimbles, blotting, and chromatography filter papers.  Application specific papers (malt and beer, sugar industry, low nitrogen, black filter and activated carbon filter paper).   In addition, many other paper grades for special applications such as antibiotic test paper, weighing paper, lens cleaning, seed testing and absorptive papers with polyethylene are available.

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