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Fast, Intuitive 96 and 384-Well Pipetting Systems
Rainin’s manual and semi-automated fast, intuitive high-throughput pipetting systems and consumables deliver accuracy and consistency for a wide range of applications.

Rainin MicroPro – semi-automated 96-channel pipetting system.

Rainin BenchSmart 96  – manual and semi-automated pipetting, touchscreen-controlled system.

Rainin Liquidator 96  – manual pipetting, scale-up 96- and 384-well plate work with four trays for efficient use of plates, reservoirs and tips.


Applications: Pipetting, Automated Pipetting, Automated Liquid Handling, Rainin MicroPro, High-Throughput Pipetting, High-Throughput Pipetting of 96- and 384 Well Plates, Electronic 96-Well Pipettes, High-Throughput Pipetting Systems, Multi-Channel Pipettes, Multi-Channel Pipettors, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Pharma


METTLER TOLEDO’s Rainin MicroPro is the most compact, semi-automated 96-channel pipetting system on the market.  This innovative device connects wirelessly to a high-resolution touchscreen controller, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience.  With a wealth of features and functions at your fingertips, the MicroPro revolutionizes pipetting.

Faster, more repeatable workflows

Rainin’s MicroPro 20 and MicroPro 300 models provide several key advantages to simplify workflows and increase productivity.  Easy tip ejection, programmable pipette depth, precise speed control, and the ability to create and save complex multi-step protocols, MicroPro has been designed to reduce operator errors and increase reproducibility in your lab.

Compact and portable design

Compact, portable and highly affordable, MicroPro offers exceptional ease of use and speed. Measuring 32 cm in height, 19 cm in width and weighing only 5.1 kg, frees up valuable space within your biosafety cabinet or lab bench.

Convenient features

MicroPro offers the ability to add and mix reagents, plus convenient features such as aliquot dispensing, sample dilution with thorough mixing, and multi-aspiration with mixing for enhanced versatility in your laboratory tasks.

Custom protocols

Custom protocols are easy to set up on MicroPro’s IPad app, with the ability to easily create, define and save a complete sequence of pipetting, instruction and liquid handling steps that exactly match the needs of your protocols.


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