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BENCHSMART 96 Auto pipetting system 20 ul

BenchSmart™ 96-channel, semi-automated benchtop pipettor. Volume range 0.5-20 µL. Uses LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips. Consistent automated tip loading and automated sample pick-up for all 96 channels. For 96-well and 384-well plate work (BST96-20).


Applications: High Throughput Pipetting, Semi-Automated Pipetting, Liquid Handling, Life Sciences
The Rainin BenchSmart 96 delivers high volume semi-automated pipetting

Speed and precision meet with this semi-automated 96-channel liquid handling platform. Introducing the BenchSmart that combines the flexibility of a manual system with the accuracy and reliability of electronic pipetting. For complex protocols and precise liquid handling, nothing beats BenchSmart for consistent aspiration and dispensing. Ideal for research environments, the BenchSmart easily adapts to frequently changing experimental conditions.


  • A wide range of pipetting modes for virtually any application.
  • Three easily interchangeable pipetting heads (0.5-20 µL, 5-200 µL, and 100-1000 µL) provide an exceptional volume range.
  • Compact and moveable, taking up little room on the workbench.
  • A large touchscreen keypad and intuitive graphic interface make it easy to design, save and retrieve any protocol.
  • Head changing is simple with animated graphics that guide users through each step of the process.
  • A four-plate layout minimises the need to swap out tips and reservoirs.


METTLER TOLEDO supports the Rainin BenchSmart 96 with a full range of high-quality accessories and consumables. Rainin’s BioClean high-throughput tips are manufactured to exceptionally high standards and are guaranteed to be free of defects or impurities. Tip options include sterile, filter, and low retention, in both individual racks and convenient, space-saving stacks.

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