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The InSite™ collection of chromogenic pathogen tests provide an easy-to-use self-contained environmental sampling and screening test to help you control pathogens in your environment.
Tests for environmental species:
InSite™ Salmonella
InSite™ Listeria
InSite™ L. mono Glo


Applications: Environmental Monitoring, InSite Listeria, InSite Salmonella, Insite L. Mono Glo, Pathogen Detection, Pathogen Testing, Indicator Organisms, Chromogenic Pathogen Tests, PCR Assays, PCR Testing, Listeria Testing, E-coli Testing, Salmonella Testing


The range of microorganism screening devices has easy-to-interpret colour-changing compounds that can detect pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella in food processing environments.  

InSite®Salmonella is an easy-to-use AOAC-validated test for Salmonella detection on food contact surfaces and equipment. The liquid medium is formulated with growth enhancers and chromogenic compounds selective for Salmonella species. It can detect Salmonella species down to <10 CFU, even when other organisms are present.  

InSite®Listeria is a self-contained, environmental Listeria species test containing a liquid medium with chromogenic agents specific to the growth of Listeria species. All InSite® test devices also contain sanitiser neutralisers to improve testing results. 

InSite®L. mono Glo is an environmental testing device containing chromogenic compounds specific to Listeria and fluorescent agents specific to Listeria monocytogenes. Colour changes indicate the presence of Listeria species and UV light illumination reveals the presence of L.mono. 

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