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Laboratory membrane filters and holders
• HPLC mobile -phase filters
• Liquid and air filters
• Plain, gridded and sterile membrane filters
• Membrane filters from 25mm to 293mm, from 0.2μm to 8μm

Lab filter papers
• Bench coat paper
• Filter papers from coarse filtration to general clarification
• Paper filters folded or flat
• Phase separation papers
• pH strips
• Quartz and glass thimbles and filters

Syringe filters
• HPLC syringe filters
• Non-sterile filters
• Sterile filters
• Venting filters
• Variety of materials, sizes and vents

Vacuum filtration
• Filtration manifolds
• Vacuum flasks
• Vacuum pumps
• Incubators
• SS and PVC manifolds 3 or 6 place


Applications: Filtration, Microfiltration, Filter Paper, Membrane Filters, Glass and Quartz Microfibre Filters, Extraction Thimbles, Syringe Filters, Vacuum Filtration, Microbiology, Microbiological, Quality Control, Sample Preparation


The laboratory filtration process involves the use of a porous media to separate solids such as impurities or contaminants from fluids (liquids or gases).  

Laboratory filtration involves the use of a variety of media, such as filter papers, glass or quartz microfiber filters and extraction thimbles, for laboratory analytical processes.  

 Microfiltration involves the use of a variety of membrane filters with a precise micro-porous structure that remove or collect micro-organisms out of a liquid, for analysis. Particles that are bigger than absolute porosity remain on the filter, while smaller particles can pass through. Microfiltration covers a slower range of particle retention than normal laboratory filtration and the membranes are made of different polymers in a variety of types and sizes. Microfiltration is generally used in microbiological quality control.  

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