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Process Industries

Environmental – Water

Industrial Water Filtration Systems
Expert water quality solutions include water filter cartridges, water filter housings and
plug-and-play filtration systems to help companies maintain and improve water quality standards.

Filtration solutions for:

Municipal water
Remove contamination risks and improve the efficiency of the municipal water treatment process.
Ensure water resilience, water turbidity specifications, prevent water discolouration, control
cryptosporidium and remove chlorine.

High quality process water
Safeguard against UV disinfection, reduce degradation of RO membranes, prevent formation of
biofilms on process filters, guarantee process water sterility at point of use.

Effective water filtration for buildings

Maintain building temperature control, control bio-fouling, and use side stream filters to improve
climate control.

Protection of RO membranes in wastewater recovery and reuse.



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