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Laboratory membrane filters and holders

  • HPLC mobile -phase filters
  • Liquid and air filters
  • Plain, gridded and sterile membrane filters
  • Membrane filters from 25mm to 293mm, from 0.2µm to 8µm

Lab filter papers

  • Bench coat paper
  • Filter papers from coarse filtration to general clarification
  • Paper filters folded or flat
  • Phase separation papers
  • pH strips
  • Quartz and glass thimbles and filters

Syringe filters

  • HPLC syringe filters
  • Non-sterile filters
  • Sterile filters
  • Venting filters
  • Variety of materials, sizes and vents

Vacuum filtration

  • Filtration manifolds
  • Vacuum flasks
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Incubators
  • SS and PVC manifolds 3 or 6 place




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