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Rephile GenieState-of-the-art lab water systems that combine the most superior water purification technologies to consistently and reliably produce ultra high purity water for many applications.

A versatile range of lab water systems produce various types of water at different flow rates, depending on your requirement, and easily integrate into any lab environment.

Systems use specially designed intuitive software to continuously monitor water quality.


Ultrapure lab water systems for critical applications

A full range of lab water systems for small to medium size applications (water production of 10 – 600 liters per hour).


Lab water purification systems 

  • Type I Ultra-Pure water – directly from tap water
  • Type II Pure water  – a combination of Electro-deionization (EDI)  and  Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies
  • Type III Pure water – RO water


Large scale water purification systems – Water stations

Water purification stations serve as a core workstation and are specifically designed to produce large volumes of EDI water and ultrapure water directly from tap water into one system.

Supply of replacement cartridges and accessories for Millipore lab water systems with equivalent performance and functionality.