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SupaPore and SupaSpun capsule filters are fully disposable filter units for small and medium scale liquid and gas processing applications. They are ready-to-use, avoiding the need to purchase or maintain filter housings and are easy to change-out with minimum downtime.

SupaPore range is available with hydrophilic PES or hydrophobic PTFE membranes and with polypropylene or Borosilicate Glass pleated media.

SupaSpun range features all polypropylene spun bonded depth media.

SupaPore VP PES filters (rated 0.03 – 1 µm) and SupaPore NP Nylon 66 (rated 0.1 – 0.65 µm) are used for aqueous solutions.

SupaPore TP PTFE filters (rated 0.1 – 3 µm) are used for air, gas and solvents.

SupaPore TL filters are used for more aggressive solvents and chemicals.

These are supported with comprehensive technical documentation.



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