Syringe filters

Fast and efficient filtration

Filtration is essential for the sterilisation and clarification of liquids in order to remove microorganisms and particles without effecting the ingredients.  Syringe filters provide efficient and fast filtration of organic and aqueous solutions and are available in a variety of sizes, formats and membranes to cover a wide range of applications.

With a wide range of membranes (Cellulose Acetate, Nylon, Regenerated Cellulose, PTFE, PVDF, PP, PES and glass micro-fibre), pore sizes (0.2, 0.45, 0.7, 0.8, 1, 1.2 and 3.1) and diameters (4, 13 and 25), and with sterile and non-sterile versions, the syringe filters cover most of the applications in laboratories for pharma, biotechnology, agricultural, food and environmental labs.