Filtration paper

Microfibre Filters

Glass microfibre and quartz microfibre filters are used in the measurement of pollutants in the air, monitoring of atmospheric emissions when burning of liquid and solid fuels, monitoring treatment plants for drinking water, sewage and industrial discharges, water analysis in laboratories, analysis of waste products and disposal of industrial and laboratory waste.


Glass microfibre filter papers

Glass microfibre filter papers are made of 100% borosilicate glass fibres (with and without binders) offering an extremely low content in alkali-earth metals, chemical stability with acid solutions and resistance to high temperatures up to 500°C.

Quartz microfibre filters

Quartz microfibre filters are made of pure quartz microfibre, free of binding elements or additives, with an extremely low content in alkali-earth metals, excellent retention of very fine particles, high air permeability, resistant to solvents, acids and alkaline substances and stabile up to 950°C.