Capsule Filters

  • Fully disposable filter units for small and medium scale liquid and gas processing applications
  • Filters are ready-to-use, avoiding the need to purchase or maintain filter housings
  • Filters are easy to change-out with minimum downtime
  • SupaPore range is available with hydrophilic PES or hydrophobic PTFE membranes and with polypropylene or Borosilicate Glass pleated media
  • SupaSpun range features all polypropylene spun bonded depth media
  • SupaPore VP PES filters (rated 0.03 – 1 µm) and SupaPore NP Nylon 66 (rated 0.1 – 0.65 µm) are used for aqueous solutions
  • SupaPore TP PTFE filters (rated 0.1 – 3 µm) are used for air, gas and solvents
  • SupaPore TL filters are used for more aggressive solvents and chemicals
  • Detailed product validation guides and technical support documentation are supplied with every product