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Cartridge Filters and Bag Filter Housings
Filter housings play a vital role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of liquid and gas filtration systems. The right choice of housing ensures that filters can effectively remove contaminants from liquids and gases, meeting the specific requirements of each application. Whether opting for off-the-shelf or custom-made filter housings, they are an essential component in achieving reliable and efficient filtration processes.

Filter housings provide:

  • Easy-to-use closures for easy and safe operation.
  • Etched with a batch number for tracking and verification of the filtration process and materials used.
  • Suitable for single-stack, multi-stack, industrial, hygienic (sanitary), and multi-bag processes.


Applications: Filtration Solutions, Filter Housings, Industrial Filter Housings, Cartridge Housings, Single Cartridge Housings, Multi-Cartridge Housings, Bag Filter Housings, Sanitary Housings, Corrosion Resistant Housings, Liquid and Gas Applications, Process Industry


High quality filter housings for liquid and gas applications and custom housings for more complex projects.

Filter housings have easy-to-use closures for safe operation, batch number for traceability, and suitable for single-stack, multi-stack, industrial, hygienic and multi-bag processes.

The product portfolio consists of:

  • Plastic housings – versatile and affordable.
  • Single cartridge housings – general applications and smaller process flows for a single cartridge.
  • Multi-cartridge housings – general liquid and gas process applications.
  • Sanitary housings – hygienic design and high quality finish for critical applications.
  • Bag filter housings – wide selection for most liquid applications.
  • Corrosion resistant housings – corrosion resistant for demanding applications in chemical, fine chemicals and pharma chemical synthesis.
  • Custom housings – ergonomic and efficient design to comply with health and safety.
  • Housing accessories – include heating jackets, safety interlocks and auto-vents.


Products are packaged in sustainably-sourced materials, enabling you to achieve more with fewer resources.

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