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Real Time PCR Test Assays
Hygiena’s BAX® System portfolio of PCR test assays and real-time PCR test assays for a variety of targets.  PCR test assays offer consistent accuracy, reliability and convenience with flexibility, to meet the diverse testing needs of food manufacturers, associated laboratories, service labs and government inspection labs.  Testing kits provide protocols for the most validated matrices, for clear, dependable results even faster.


Applications: Food Safety, Pathogen Detection, PCR Assays, PCR Testing, Listeria Testing, E-coli Testing, Salmonella Testing


PCR assays

Microbial pathogens can be spread through food, whether it be bacteria, viruses or moulds. These can impact food safety and cause serious illness. Hygiena® offers suitable BAX® System PCR assays and real-time detection kits for various pathogens.

Listeria can contaminate dairy products, deli meat and fruit. The L. monocytogenes species can cause severe listeriosis, making listeria testing vitally important. Real-time PCR assays identify contamination in food and environmental samples.

Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) can be spread through undercooked ground meat, unpasteurised milk, cold sandwiches, sprouts and vegetables. STEC is known to cause diarrhoea, haemorrhagic colitis and the potentially fatal haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). E. coli PCR assays provide a reliable, accurate and convenient detection solution for STEC.

A Salmonella infection affects the intestinal tract and can be caused by consuming contaminated meat, poultry, egg products or unpasteurised milk. Salmonella PCR assays are certified, providing reliable detection of hundreds of Salmonella serotypes from multiple, complex food and beverage matrices.

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