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Viable Microbial Samplers
High-performance portable active air microbial samplers offer many features and accessories, suitable for use in cleanrooms and aseptic environments. These viable samplers offer rapid detection technology for improved sample preparation, reduced contamination risk and non-destructive testing. Suitable for either portable or remote active air sampling.

The ActiveCount series consists of:
ActiveCount100H – 100LPM flow rate and HEPA filtered exhaust
ActiveCount25H – 25LPM flow rate and HEPA filtered exhaust
ActiveCount100 – 100LPM flow rate

Gas sampler
Remote impactor sampling kit
Impactor attachment


Applications: ActiveCount, Microbial Samplers, Viable Samples, Air Samplers, Cleanrooms, Aspetic Environments, Portable Microbial Air Samplers, ActiveCountR


Ideal for use in cleanrooms and aseptic environments, the ActiveCount and ActiveCountR series offers high-performance, portable microbial air sampling.  

The ActiveCount100H has an EN17141 compliancy rating with a 1 micron d50 collection efficiency. It features a touch-screen interface, USB key data download and a gas-sampling option. The HEPA-filtered exhaust ports prevent re-aspiration of sampled air and the self-adjusting flow control ensures accurate sampling with the option of continuous or periodic sampling modes. The autoclavable impact head, dust cover and petri dish holder components are easily removed and installed on the sanitizable, stainless steel ActiveCount enclosure.  

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