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Early particle counter detection
Liquid particle counters are valuable tools in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, environmental monitoring, and semiconductor manufacturing. Liquid particle counters help ensure product quality, monitor water and fluid cleanliness, and maintain process control by detecting and quantifying contaminants or particulate matter in liquids.




Whether you require batch sampling, spot monitoring, or continuous monitoring, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has the perfect solution for you. The innovative range of liquid particle counters is designed to ensure your manufacturing processes remain contaminant-free and operate seamlessly.

Vertex. Vertex 50 offers early detection of contamination, a minimal false count rate, and a demonstrated quick clean-up time.

Liquid Batch Samplers. The LS line of liquid samplers is ideal for all liquid particle counting applications.  The LS-20 offers USP 788 compliance, built-in reports and control software.

Remote Liquid Particle Counters.  The range of Remote LPCs will determine the DI  water being supplied to your process always meets a certain level of cleanliness.

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