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Type II Pure Water
Type II pure water systems produce Electro-deionization (EDI) water (Type II water) directly from tap water. Resistivity of the product water is above 5 MΩ•cm at 25 ℃ , which meets or exceeds Type II water quality as defined by ASTM, CAP, CLSI and ISO 3696 / BS 3997 and also complies with the purified water requirements from the European and U.S. Pharmacopoeia.


Applications: Lab Water Purification Systems, Type 2 Lab Water Systems, Pure Water Systems, Genie Water Systems, Nuzar Water Systems


Type 2 or EDI pure water is ideal for many laboratory applications including the preparation of chemical and bioreagents, culture media or buffers. This water type can also be used for equipment rinsing and as a water supply for clinical analysers. The Genie range and the Nuzar Water System range are able to reliably produce type 2 water from tap water or from reverse osmosis, distilled or deionised water, depending on the particular system.  

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