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Dualo 32® Real-Time PCR cyclers are designed and validated for use with foodproof kits for quality control in the food and beverage industry.


Real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) methods for food testing and analysis are used for the detection and quantification of various elements such as bacteria, viruses, animal species, GMOs and allergens. Real-time PCR detects and amplifies a target DNA sequence using specific oligonucleotide primers and fluorescence probes.

Hygiena’s Dualo 32® real-time PCR cyclers have been designed and validated for use with  foodproof kits for quality control in the food and beverage industry. Two Dualo 32® PCR cycler models are available. Dualo 32 is optimised to meet quality control requirements in beer and beverage production.  The Dualo 32R is ideal for quality control of different parameters within the food and feed industry.   

Dualo 32®

The Dualo 32 real-time PCR cycler offers a flexible and robust solution, featuring 32-well within a compact design, ideally suited for facilities with small to medium throughput and limited lab space.  This instrument simplifies the process of quality control of production and end-products.  For instance, it can efficiently identify up to 31 beer spoilers using the foodproof® Beer Screening Kit. (A selection of other foodproof kits is available). The wide optical spectrum allows the flexible use of both hydrolysis and hybridization assay probes.

High-end PCR technology

Operating with advanced PCR technology, the Dualo 32 PCR cycler delivers outstanding performance, reproducible results, with a higher dynamic range for precise quantification.  This makes it the ideal choice for ensuring continuous quality control throughout the beverage production process. Offering a simple workflow, intuitive software, predefined protocols for all testing parameters, and clear data interpretation, makes the Dualo 32 your perfect lab companion.

Applications: Beer Industry, Food and Beverage, Food Safety, Food Testing, foodproof Kits, microproof Kits, Hygiena, Pathogen Detection, Pathogen Testing, Real-Time PCR, Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR Methods, Real-Time PCR Instruments

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