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Process Industries

Chemicals And Coatings

Filtration capabilities include chemical filters, coating filters and filter housings to maintain the high
quality of chemicals and coatings. Products assist to remove particulate contaminants in raw bulk
starter chemicals or classifying pigmented inks used on state-of-the-art printheads.

Chemicals, solvents and resins
For chemical, solvent or resin filtration applications, from highly viscous resins to volatile solvents,
we have a viable filtration solution to ensure optimum contamination control across your process
filtration system.

Digital inks
Improve ink filtration quality with customised digital ink filtration solutions for dye-based ink
filtration, pigmented UV ink filtration, hybrid, water or solvent applications.

Inks and coatings
A wide range of depth filters and membrane filters for cleaning up of raw starter materials to the fine
classification of inks – reduce filter blockage and waste. Improve ink classification and guarantee
quality to the final picolitre.




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